Tyler Browne, Senior Event Manager

We are very excited for our Senior Event Manager, Tyler. He’s recently gained an Internship through his Event Management course at UCLan at the second largest Marriot hotel in the world.

Tyler has been an invaluable member of the team at GetStaffedUK and is about to embark on a new journey to Texas, USA. Tyler orginially studied Sports Journalism, but as his career and enthusiasm progressed within the Hospitality Industry, he changed courses to Event Management to pursue his passion. As a massive fan of American Football and extremely good player, this is a very good move for Tyler (although we’ll miss him dearly), he’s looking forward to being part of a public team over in America.

Tyler’s new role will involve lots of training and learning, which he’s delighted about stating “looking through my personal program outline makes me twenty times more excited”. As Restaurant Supervisor, the topics covered include Restaurant Operations, Private Dining and Shift Lead Training.

When we spoke to Tyler, he couldn’t wait to tell us more about the role. “Working with GetStaffedUK has helped me an astronomical amount, without the company I wouldn’t have the skills and knowledge of the industry which I have today… this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am very grateful for GetStaffedUK helping me to reach my goals and get me where I am today. It has developed me into a forward thinking person, I work one step ahead, and we all know when I’m leading a shift nothing goes wrong” 😉

As Senior Event Manager, Tyler feels he is prepared for his new role. He is always ready to take a step back from a situation and provide solutions, a transferable skill, he will be able to take with him into any future role.

“The best thing about my current role is that is has enabled me to get really involved with the company as it grows. My top 3 highlights are: being the manager at Creamfields 2018 & meeting Gigs backstage, getting promoted twice in a year and our management team events. I have such amazing memories with GetStaffedUK’

We must admit, they’re three stand out highlights! Well done Tyler and good luck with your new role! 🙌


2018 Round Up!

2018 has been an incredible year for GetStaffedUK. We’ve exceeded client expectations, which is demonstrated through the testimonials we have received, the recommendations which our clients have given to their sister venues and we’ve even managed to improve the perception of staffing agencies on the whole within the areas which we have worked. This is all down to our incredible team! We’ve gained many new clients over the past 12 months, thanks to our Go-Getters who are in and out of different venues, week in, week out – as well as our Business Development Director, Junior who came on board in July.


Our 2018 in numbers, we have promoted:

3 Event Managers to Senior Event Managers

4 Trainee Events Managers to Event Managers

11 Go Getters to Trainee Event Managers

We have brought on 3 new roles:

Business Development Manager, Junior Beckett

Events & Logistics Coordinator, Amie Birkett

Training Manager, Chloe Brookes

and our Social Media & Marketing Manager Georgie, has come on board full time


At GetStaffedUK, we are aiming to revolutionise the hospitality industry. We are aiming to improve staff reliability, retention and quality. Each of our new roles is helping us towards our mission and it’s so exciting to see the business develop so quickly.

In order to achieve our goals, we knew we needed to do more than show that we could staff events – so we developed GetTrainedUK, and GetGroupUK was born! What a whirlwind of a year it’s been. We appointed Chloe to manage our training as we grew rapidly over the summer… and our office team grew and grew until we could no longer stay in our little cosy office.

We moved into our new office which could just about accommodate 5 of us, and then moved again, and now we have the entire basement at Cotton Court. We are so proud of how far we have come. This environment has really made a different to our work and productivity, not only do we have more space for ourselves, but we have meeting space, a cosy area and ping pong – all of which is very beneficial for when our team want to pop in and see us. It’s great to have our open door policy and for our team to know that they can pay us a visit whenever they need to!

Massive shout out to our Senior Event Manager Sean who helped us fill our rotas and complete our day to day tasks over the summer; from Lytham Festival to Creamfields and everything in between – Sean you were brilliant!

We have grown more than 350% on year 1, servicing over 150,000 hours of work and working with over 70 clients.

We are over the moon with the new clients who we have supported (and who have supported us) over the past 12 months (nearly doubling on last year!). This is including 5 new sport stadiums, huge concert venues which have moved the company further into Leeds, Stockport, York and Liverpool allowing us to create a stable base of GetStaffedUK family across the North West, all of who are creating a fabulous impression on us on and our clients. We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

We have trained 3000 Go-Getters in Hospitality Skills, inclusive of our bar training, cocktail tending and food service academies. These are having a massively positive impact on our employees and the feedback we have received from employees over the past few months just shows how far we have come along.

We’ve been working on our employee engagement, streamlining our processes and ensuring that all of our team enjoy their experience at GetStaffedUK.

Some of our 2018 highlights include:

  • Staffing the VIP terrace & bars at Lytham Festival
  • Working at huge concerts including Florence & the Machine, Mumford & Sons and You Me At Six.
  • Amazing dance events in Liverpool, including festivals and special events such as Circus, Steelyard and Cream Classical
  • Our Summer, festival themed, staff do
  • Watching our office team grow and seeing our managers learn about different sides of the business and develop their skillset
  • Being sole suppliers to various events and venues, starting from helping with kiosk bars to running hospitality sections!
  • The list goes on and on…. but we like to keep it short and sweet.

See you in 2019!!!!

Suppose we best complete our Red Rose Award applications and show off what we’ve done 😉

National Christmas Jumper Day

On Friday 14th December, we’re taking part in #NationalChristmasJumperDay for Save the Children UK!
Thousands of people up and down the UK will start their day by pulling on a Christmas jumper for a great cause – to help create a brighter future for children.

Whether you join in at work, at home, at school or down the pub, it’s all about getting everyone together in your daftest woollies.

We’re particularly excited to see what jumper Tom Havlin turns up in!

You’ll be giving children the chance to build a better future, by donating £2. To do so, please text TEAMGSUK to 70050!

How to apply to Get Staffed UK!

Students old and new! Welcome to (or back to) UCLan,
Hope you’ve all got some good freebies at the various fairs this week!

So you’re back at uni, you’ve just received your loan (if you’re one of the lucky ones) and you don’t need a job because you’ve got free money. WRONG. Your rent is due and you’ve absolutely smashed freshers already… let us help! The first three things you need when you start at uni, are somewhere to live, something to eat, and some money. Here’s where we come in…

At Get Staffed UK, you can work around your studies. Only free on Saturday this week? No problem. Need all the hours under the sun so you can spend it all using your wonderful student discount – just let us know. We’ll put you in shifts, based on the availability you provide! WIN.

So, all you need to do is sign up to the link here – http://portal.getstaffeduk.co.uk/staff/register 

After you’ve signed up you’ll receive a text message to come down to one of our inductions and we can get you into shifts pretty quick! If you’re new to hospitality don’t worry, we provide full training – from front of house, food service and wine waiting to bar service.

Quick back track if you aren’t entirely sure who we are: we provide venues and events throughout Preston and the surrounding areas with amazing individuals like you to help them run their events. Whether its a wedding, concert or festival – there’s plenty of work to go around. If the event is out of PR1, we provide you with transport to ensure that you can get to work and back (saves you depending on everyone’s favourite… public transport!)

Any questions? Fire them my way! I’m here to help – georgie@getstaffeduk.co.uk

Our Facebook and Instagram accounts are a great place to get an idea of who we are and what we do too, so check them out! Just click the links below.


Welcome to Preston, Students Old & New.

This year we’re running a monthly competition to WIN YOUR PRE-DRINKS PARTY with Get Staffed UK.

  1. You and everyone at your party must be 18+
  2. Your party host will bring drinks & equipment, you supply the music!
  3. You must have liked, shared & tagged your friends in our post.
  4. You must go to University or College in Preston.
  5. We will bring a set amount of alcohol and mixers to the party (we can do this based on what you like to drink!)
  6. Always drink responsibly 😉

Making a good impression!

How to make a good impression when applying for a job!

To start with, it might seem obvious but read the initial job posting thoroughly.

The recruiter may have spent time and money on the advertisement of the vacancy, this person may do the initial screening of applicants. It’s great to have questions at this stage and engage with the employer, but it’s important to make sure that you don’t ask questions they have already answered in the job advert/ description.

Congratulations, you made it through the first phase! We like your application and you’ve been invited down to meet us. Whether it’s a formal interview or a group induction, here are our top tips.

It’s time for the first meeting…

‘Never judge a book by it’s cover!’

First impressions aren’t just about the employee… it is just as important for you to receive a good first impression of the employer/ company to decide if they are right for you. When working within the hospitality industry, it’s important that you are well presented and look professional at all times, this is certainly something to consider when attending your first meeting. If it’s an informal appointment, there may not be any need for a suit but a football kit probably isn’t appropriate.

The first 30 seconds are often make or break… It is suggested that the first impression alters the behaviour of an interviewer, which can heavily impact the tone throughout your first meeting with the company. People aim to reinforce their first impressions, looking for justification of their initial instincts (whether they are good or bad!)

We don’t need to tell you about the importance of punctuality. Being on time shows you are not only grateful for the opportunity which you have been presented with, but that you are respectful of the interviewer’s time. People are often working to tight deadlines and under pressure, especially in today’s economy where working efficiently in order to save on resources.

The language you use in an interview can be important. There’s no need to go over the top when it comes to industry jargon and trying to fit in buzz words but you are selling yourself. Make sure that what you are saying is positive.

If they ask you about your weaknesses, it might be a good idea to tell the interviewer about how you often sit back and assess your strengths and weaknesses so that you can build on them – explain how your weakness can be seen in a better light and how this can positively influence your work.

Be careful not to say what everyone says because to interviews it doesn’t seem like you are being honest. We’re talking to you, ‘I’m a perfectionist’. Be you, be honest – if you struggle with your self-confidence, explain that and elaborate but don’t forget to mention how you can improve on this.

In an interview, using positive words will influence the interviewer. Using terms like happy, confident, delighted… will impact on how the interviewer is feeling and how they feel after spending time with you. Leaving them feeling positive could mean there is a better outcome from your interview.

Your tone of voice can influence them too. If you sound deflated and demotivated, why would they choose you? It’s important to sound excited about the role and enthusiastic. If this isn’t your dream job it should be a step in the right direction. Pick out the reasons you would love to join the team and focus on those reasons whilst in the interview, this will help you speak highly of the role and company.

So to round up!

Read, be thorough and do your research!

Ask questions, be engaged!

Be professional & punctual!

Be positive!

Be honest, be you!

Good luck 😊

What do you think is important in an interview? Have you had any bad interviews?  What have you learnt? What do you think contributes to making a good impression? What are your top tips?

Employee Incentives!

At Get Staffed, we work hard to ensure that our team are incentivised and rewarded for their hard work. We like our team members to know how much we appreciate the (sometimes ridiculous) hours they put in, whether it’s helping out at a Fresher’s Fair, letting other people know about the opportunities we have available or going from a late shift into an early shift!

We know how important it is that employees feel valued in all industries. This can be the difference between putting in an excellent or poor performance for a client on shift. We offer a variety of benefits to our team which we hope make them feel rewarded for how fab they are. Our goal is to have engaged, motivated, happy employees who love coming to work at GetStaffedUK.

Firstly, we offer a very open communication line to our Go-Getters, whether they’re new starters or one of our senior event managers, they can contact us around the clock! We’re happy to help or advise on any situation. Offering the opportunity for feedback to employees shows that their opinion matters to us, something we take very seriously.

Then there’s the more obvious, you get to attend AMAZING events throughout the UK! This can be anything from Lytham Festival, Creamfields, BassJam, S2S and Bongo’s Bingo to Race Days, Match Days, Corporate Events and Private Dinners. Not only can you attend these brilliant events for free, but you’re getting paid to be there!

Dependent on the client, we let our team members keep their tips… This is an excellent way for our team members to see that the harder they work, the more they receive in return. We have a simple outlook with regards to our employees and they are at the very heart of what we do… look after your employees and they will look after your customers! All our team members are made aware that they will get out what they put in, which is why we’ve got such an enthusiastic management team, most of which we have promoted from within.

This leads us nicely on to Go-Getter training & development. We provide all our team members with full training when they come on board with us; this includes steps of service and hospitality skills to make sure they’re ready for their first shift, ensuring employees are prepared which helps to manage expectations and eradicate those first day nerves.

We then offer further training, which is all worked through our sister company GetTrainedUK. We’re about to release a tonne of new courses, so we’ll keep quiet on this for now!

All of our Go-Getters have the opportunity to progress, we regularly promote from within and offer this to all our team members so that they can apply to move forward. We keep our eye on the feedback provided by all of our Event Managers so that we can reward those who do well! We have a Go-Getter of the month, every month who is chosen based on what they have put in – whether its loads of hours, an excellent attitude or performance etc.

We offer a variety of competitions and ways for our Go-Getters to get involved here at GetStaffedUK. Recently this has included a World Cup Sweepstake, which could have gone better as no-one pulled France out of the hat… 😂. There’s also a monthly competition between our Event Managers, who send us great photos from events and win something they love! We like to make sure the prize is related to the winner – when this happens they are more incentivised and again feel more appreciated. It’s difficult with over 2000 members of staff, to get to know everyone, but we certainly try!

Then of course, everyone favourite… our Get Staffed Get Togethers! (Yes, cheesy… we know!) Whether it’s been a hectic summer or we have a load of new members of the team, it’s time to celebrate the World Cup or it’s Christmas time… we’re always preparing for a Get Together and what a great way to say thank you to our team.  We’ve had a black tie event, a special thank you event for our Event Managers, a Tiki-theme event, a World Cup get together and we’re currently in the process of planning our post-summer do, where we’ll be inviting our whole team down, including all of our new Go-Getters who have signed up in the Fresher’s period and having a proper shindig!

How do you incentivise your employees? What works for you? What else would you recommend? Hit us up in the comments! ✌

New Office Goals

Wahooooo! We’ve moved into our new office.

It’s sent Georgie into a plant buying frenzy, and Tom C still hasn’t stopped singing England songs but other than that… we’re very excited about our move. The move comes as we found the need for more space, Georgie is now our full time Social Media & Marketing Manager and we have appointed the wonderful, Junior Beckett as our Business Development Director.

It’s all systems go at our end; things are really heating up (literally) so we opted for a space with a window and our fan has its own seat. Tom H, took it upon himself to purchase all the Lucozade available in the shop and this blog post just shows that the heat is turning us all crazy (more crazy than we already were).

We’re still based at Cotton Court as we love working closely with their team members, we’re next door to Tienda Digital (who we have no doubt absolutely love having us as noisy neighbours).

We tried to get a nice photo of our lovely new office, with fan and window (yippee!) but there are 4 messy men in this office, so maybe next time… Stay tuned ✌

The Award Winning, Get Staffed UK!

… The nominee votes are in! We made it as finalists at the Downtown in Business, Lancashire Business Awards. Get Staffed UK were nominated as the Newcomer of the Year! At this stage its over to the public to get voting for their winner, our category was filled with some impressive local businesses – all equally deserving of the award.

The awards evening, took place at the beautiful Stanley House Hotel & Spa. Luckily, this is one of our weekly clients so we were able to attend the event (after an extensive beauty regime from Tom & Tom), with all of our Go-Getters waiting the event. This was a particularly good event for us… AS WE WERE ANNOUNCED THE WINNERS, THE OFFICIAL, NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR. A humbling and proud moment for our Directors, which we were able to share with our wider team.

Following their recent success at Downtown in Business’ Lancashire Business Awards, Get Staffed UK are going from strength to strength, gaining further recognition for our sheer hard work and determination to improve prospects for individuals working within the hospitality industry.

Tom Craig, Operations Director stated, ‘It’s a very proud moment for the whole team at Get Staffed to be recognised as Newcomer of the Year at the awards. We have all worked extremely hard, and it’s great to see the positive impact we’ve been making.’

The company, who recently celebrated their first birthday, has employed and trained over 1500 individuals, who have had the opportunity to work closely with over 50 venues and events including major UK festivals and weekly venues, giving hospitality workers opportunities which were not available to them previously.

We can’t wait to see what the future has to hold for our limitless company!

Meet the Team – Junior, Business Development Director

A huge Get Staffed welcome to our latest member of the team, Junior Beckett, who will be joining us as our Business Development Director, helping us to take the company to the next level. Junior has enjoyed a successful career in sales, management, business development and account management spanning over 17 years.

Whilst working for Red Bull, Junior was responsible for all food service, vending and leisure venues in North England and Scotland, building relationships with stadiums, arenas and on-trend bars such as Revolution Bars Group. Junior has also had two stints in the media advertising world. One of his first roles was at Yell (a great foundation for his selling skills) and more recently he headed up the advertising agencies division at the Friday Media Group looking after 14 recruitment platforms!

This is Junior’s return to the industry he loves, after a four year absence. We’re over the moon to have him on board and we can’t wait to see big things happening over the next couple of months.


Likes – His fiance’s Spaghetti Carbonara – it’s affecting his Olympics ambitions!

Dislikes – Hangovers. Always drink responsibly.

Favourite Drink – A dark rum or his uncles famous homemade Christmas rum punch

Interesting Fact – Junior has 4 sons and 1 daughter. He managed to get a daughter eventually.

Least favourite part of the job – None. The future of this business is limitless so he’ll be waking up buzzing every Monday.

Favourite part of the job – Strategy and executing a great plan. 

Hobbies – Running. He might not look like an athlete yet but he’s serious about getting to Tokyo 2020 and competing for Jamaica!

Lessons learnt – Kaizen – continuously changing for the better. Every day is a learning day. 

Connect on Linkedin – Junior Beckett
Email Junior – junior@getstaffeduk.com