Employee Incentives!

At Get Staffed, we work hard to ensure that our team are incentivised and rewarded for their hard work. We like our team members to know how much we appreciate the (sometimes ridiculous) hours they put in, whether it’s helping out at a Fresher’s Fair, letting other people know about the opportunities we have available or going from a late shift into an early shift!

We know how important it is that employees feel valued in all industries. This can be the difference between putting in an excellent or poor performance for a client on shift. We offer a variety of benefits to our team which we hope make them feel rewarded for how fab they are. Our goal is to have engaged, motivated, happy employees who love coming to work at GetStaffedUK.

Firstly, we offer a very open communication line to our Go-Getters, whether they’re new starters or one of our senior event managers, they can contact us around the clock! We’re happy to help or advise on any situation. Offering the opportunity for feedback to employees shows that their opinion matters to us, something we take very seriously.

Then there’s the more obvious, you get to attend AMAZING events throughout the UK! This can be anything from Lytham Festival, Creamfields, BassJam, S2S and Bongo’s Bingo to Race Days, Match Days, Corporate Events and Private Dinners. Not only can you attend these brilliant events for free, but you’re getting paid to be there!

Dependent on the client, we let our team members keep their tips… This is an excellent way for our team members to see that the harder they work, the more they receive in return. We have a simple outlook with regards to our employees and they are at the very heart of what we do… look after your employees and they will look after your customers! All our team members are made aware that they will get out what they put in, which is why we’ve got such an enthusiastic management team, most of which we have promoted from within.

This leads us nicely on to Go-Getter training & development. We provide all our team members with full training when they come on board with us; this includes steps of service and hospitality skills to make sure they’re ready for their first shift, ensuring employees are prepared which helps to manage expectations and eradicate those first day nerves.

We then offer further training, which is all worked through our sister company GetTrainedUK. We’re about to release a tonne of new courses, so we’ll keep quiet on this for now!

All of our Go-Getters have the opportunity to progress, we regularly promote from within and offer this to all our team members so that they can apply to move forward. We keep our eye on the feedback provided by all of our Event Managers so that we can reward those who do well! We have a Go-Getter of the month, every month who is chosen based on what they have put in – whether its loads of hours, an excellent attitude or performance etc.

We offer a variety of competitions and ways for our Go-Getters to get involved here at GetStaffedUK. Recently this has included a World Cup Sweepstake, which could have gone better as no-one pulled France out of the hat… 😂. There’s also a monthly competition between our Event Managers, who send us great photos from events and win something they love! We like to make sure the prize is related to the winner – when this happens they are more incentivised and again feel more appreciated. It’s difficult with over 2000 members of staff, to get to know everyone, but we certainly try!

Then of course, everyone favourite… our Get Staffed Get Togethers! (Yes, cheesy… we know!) Whether it’s been a hectic summer or we have a load of new members of the team, it’s time to celebrate the World Cup or it’s Christmas time… we’re always preparing for a Get Together and what a great way to say thank you to our team.  We’ve had a black tie event, a special thank you event for our Event Managers, a Tiki-theme event, a World Cup get together and we’re currently in the process of planning our post-summer do, where we’ll be inviting our whole team down, including all of our new Go-Getters who have signed up in the Fresher’s period and having a proper shindig!

How do you incentivise your employees? What works for you? What else would you recommend? Hit us up in the comments! ✌