5 Top-Tips for being a UCLan Fresher

5 Top-Tips for being a UCLan Fresher

Okay, so you’re just about to move into halls with completely new people and you’re excited but a little nervous. Don’t panic! We got you. Here’s our 5 top-tips for starting at UCLan and moving to Preston.
• There’s no need to worry about not having bought everything, all the home shops in Preston have a special section for students moving into new homes. You can walk 2 minutes down the road to Wilko and grab a last minute spatula!

• The university campus is right in the town centre, so you can get everywhere on foot. You don’t need a bus pass or to spend your hard earned ££ on taxis and parking. There’s an Aldi next to campus too, so you can nip there for your food shop and grab yourself some tins of beans and bottles of gin 🙂

• There’s actually a decent night life here in Preston and something for EVERYONE! Looking for a boozy but classy Monday? Head to Baluga for £1 drinks! Looking for a Tuesday where you can sing along to your fave indie songs? Warehouse Tuesdays… Okay you get the idea! Popworld.

• So your student loan is great, but in most cases will just about cover the cost of living in halls. You need to work, work, work, work, work. GetStaffedUK are looking for students to sign up to work with them, you can head to https://portal.getstaffeduk.co.uk/register and start working more or less straight away, you get paid weekly and you’ll meet loads of people.

• Join a society! UCLan host a Societies fair during welcome week, which is well worth heading down to (as well as the other events happening that week). See below for the rest of the fairs taking place (there’s loads of other fun stuff happening off campus too):

o Monday 11am – 3pm: Freshers Fair
o Tuesday 11am – 3pm: Societies Fair
o Wednesday 11am – 3pm: Sports Fair
o Thursday 11am – 3pm: Craft & Food Fair

Feel free to drop us a message on Facebook @GetStaffedUK if you have any questions!
Always drink responsibly 😉