Natalie Milton!

We spoke to our Senior Event Manager Natalie about her time at GetStaffedUK. We are over the moon with Natalie’s progression, going from Go-Getter to Trainee Event Manager, to Event Manager, to Senior Event Manager in 9 months; an amazing achievement. At GetStaffedUK, you have the opportunity to show us what you’re capable of, with progression, training and development at the heart of everything we do. Natalie is an incredible part of our community and we’re proud to have her on board. Find out more about Natalie thinks about GetStaffedUK in the comments below.


What do you enjoy about your role at GSUK?

First and foremost, I love the variety the company brings whether it’s the venue or the people you work with. I enjoy how versatile the role is. One minute I can be working a stunning wedding in Ulverston then the next I’m at a Liam Gallagher concert managing the VIP check ins. Every shift is different, and I learn so much from each and every event.

The company is also very supportive of your outside life which you don’t come across very often. When I first started working for Get Staffed I was studying and Get Staffed were very understanding when I needed time off for revision or exams. This set them aside from other companies for me and I knew that I would enjoy working for a company with such values.

The role has definitely helped to develop my team work skills. Get Staffed is special as you meet such a diverse range of people but equally such a range means I need to know how each of us work to create the best team. It has definitely improved my communication skills as well, while I love to talk, the role has taught me how to be concise with my words. Being quick and to the point helps get the job done to a high standard in a timely manner which clients love!

My role has prepared me for the future as it has helped me realise the career path I’d like to follow. Previously I had considered a whole different route but working with Get Staffed introduced me to so many different options and now I know that management is right for me.

What’s your highlight of your time at GSUK?

The highlight of my time at GSUK was definitely managing at The Lytham Festival in 2018. This opportunity really allowed me to exercise my skills and I thoroughly enjoyed it all whilst listening to some amazing music! I met so many interesting people and made important contacts which was topped off by receiving a promotion at the end. I can’t wait for The Lytham Festival this year!

How do you feel about your new promotion?

I am absolutely thrilled to bits about my promotion. I’ve been in previous jobs where I’ve worked to the best of my ability and not had any recognition for it. Get Staffed have always been quick to recognise my strengths, have worked to improve my weaknesses and given me a great deal of confidence in myself. It feels so fulfilling to be recognised and rewarded for my efforts, thank you Get Staffed, I can’t wait to see what this year brings.