Tyler Browne, Senior Event Manager

We are very excited for our Senior Event Manager, Tyler. He’s recently gained an Internship through his Event Management course at UCLan at the second largest Marriot hotel in the world.

Tyler has been an invaluable member of the team at GetStaffedUK and is about to embark on a new journey to Texas, USA. Tyler orginially studied Sports Journalism, but as his career and enthusiasm progressed within the Hospitality Industry, he changed courses to Event Management to pursue his passion. As a massive fan of American Football and extremely good player, this is a very good move for Tyler (although we’ll miss him dearly), he’s looking forward to being part of a public team over in America.

Tyler’s new role will involve lots of training and learning, which he’s delighted about stating “looking through my personal program outline makes me twenty times more excited”. As Restaurant Supervisor, the topics covered include Restaurant Operations, Private Dining and Shift Lead Training.

When we spoke to Tyler, he couldn’t wait to tell us more about the role. “Working with GetStaffedUK has helped me an astronomical amount, without the company I wouldn’t have the skills and knowledge of the industry which I have today… this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am very grateful for GetStaffedUK helping me to reach my goals and get me where I am today. It has developed me into a forward thinking person, I work one step ahead, and we all know when I’m leading a shift nothing goes wrong” 😉

As Senior Event Manager, Tyler feels he is prepared for his new role. He is always ready to take a step back from a situation and provide solutions, a transferable skill, he will be able to take with him into any future role.

“The best thing about my current role is that is has enabled me to get really involved with the company as it grows. My top 3 highlights are: being the manager at Creamfields 2018 & meeting Gigs backstage, getting promoted twice in a year and our management team events. I have such amazing memories with GetStaffedUK’

We must admit, they’re three stand out highlights! Well done Tyler and good luck with your new role! 🙌