How to apply to Get Staffed UK!

Students old and new! Welcome to (or back to) UCLan,
Hope you’ve all got some good freebies at the various fairs this week!

So you’re back at uni, you’ve just received your loan (if you’re one of the lucky ones) and you don’t need a job because you’ve got free money. WRONG. Your rent is due and you’ve absolutely smashed freshers already… let us help! The first three things you need when you start at uni, are somewhere to live, something to eat, and some money. Here’s where we come in…

At Get Staffed UK, you can work around your studies. Only free on Saturday this week? No problem. Need all the hours under the sun so you can spend it all using your wonderful student discount – just let us know. We’ll put you in shifts, based on the availability you provide! WIN.

So, all you need to do is sign up to the link here – 

After you’ve signed up you’ll receive a text message to come down to one of our inductions and we can get you into shifts pretty quick! If you’re new to hospitality don’t worry, we provide full training – from front of house, food service and wine waiting to bar service.

Quick back track if you aren’t entirely sure who we are: we provide venues and events throughout Preston and the surrounding areas with amazing individuals like you to help them run their events. Whether its a wedding, concert or festival – there’s plenty of work to go around. If the event is out of PR1, we provide you with transport to ensure that you can get to work and back (saves you depending on everyone’s favourite… public transport!)

Any questions? Fire them my way! I’m here to help –

Our Facebook and Instagram accounts are a great place to get an idea of who we are and what we do too, so check them out! Just click the links below.


Welcome to Preston, Students Old & New.

This year we’re running a monthly competition to WIN YOUR PRE-DRINKS PARTY with Get Staffed UK.

  1. You and everyone at your party must be 18+
  2. Your party host will bring drinks & equipment, you supply the music!
  3. You must have liked, shared & tagged your friends in our post.
  4. You must go to University or College in Preston.
  5. We will bring a set amount of alcohol and mixers to the party (we can do this based on what you like to drink!)
  6. Always drink responsibly 😉