New Office Goals

Wahooooo! We’ve moved into our new office.

It’s sent Georgie into a plant buying frenzy, and Tom C still hasn’t stopped singing England songs but other than that… we’re very excited about our move. The move comes as we found the need for more space, Georgie is now our full time Social Media & Marketing Manager and we have appointed the wonderful, Junior Beckett as our Business Development Director.

It’s all systems go at our end; things are really heating up (literally) so we opted for a space with a window and our fan has its own seat. Tom H, took it upon himself to purchase all the Lucozade available in the shop and this blog post just shows that the heat is turning us all crazy (more crazy than we already were).

We’re still based at Cotton Court as we love working closely with their team members, we’re next door to Tienda Digital (who we have no doubt absolutely love having us as noisy neighbours).

We tried to get a nice photo of our lovely new office, with fan and window (yippee!) but there are 4 messy men in this office, so maybe next time… Stay tuned ✌