Preston Golf Club

The team at Get Staffed are thrilled with the recent procurement of supplying regular Go-Getters to the golfers down at Preston Golf Club. Not only, are management happy to secure the partnership opportunity, but our core team who will be heading down there are big golf fans and they’re already happily settled in.

Two of our Event Managers who have been heading over to the site, Marty and Chris, are thrilled with the opportunity presented and as key Go-Getters they’ve already been making improvements to the offering at Preston Golf Club.

Chris is particularly happy with his placement here, stating ‘I can’t wait to go back! We smashed the wedding at the weekend, after a little research we’ve been able to make some improvements in sales already. Andy and the team seem very happy with us’.

We’re looking forward to working more with the golf club, there’s a variety of areas within the gorgeous building for us to really get stuck in to. We’re particularly excited about the ground floor function rooms, with capacity for 100 delegates for a seated dinner and dedicated bar (and the all-important dance floor!) These yummy menus peaked our interests too, take a look here –

Marty told us ‘Preston Golf Club is a really nice venue with many regular faces. The members take pride in the club and are very appreciate of hard work. So far, I’m really enjoying working here as the customers are really friendly and the staff are really approachable, which is always a bonus in a new venue – I can’t wait to see what we can achieve here.’

We love being able to provide regular work for our employees and to ensure the service at each venue is impeccable, we ensure that our Go-Getters undertake venue specific training and that we have a pool of staff for various venues so that employees are familiar with what is expected of them and can gain more and more confidence, we know our clients prefer it that way too.

If you have any questions about staffing solutions, we’d love to hear from you.

Meet the Team – Social Media & Marketing Executive

Georgie started working in events around 10 years ago in a mixture of Event, Sales, Marketing & Business Development roles which have brought her to where she is today, following her Event Management degree at UCLan. Shortly after graduating, Georgie became a Sales & Wedding Coordinator for a Best Western Hotel and soon realised that working in hotels was not the route which she wanted to take.

“I wanted to work in a more dynamic environment away from hotels and work on a variety of projects which suited me. The role for Social Media and Marketing Manager at Get Staffed UK became available and I jumped at the opportunity to work for the team, their corporate responsibility, high staff morale and get up and go attitude was exactly what I was looking for; a company which looked after their employees as part of their business model. I am now in a role which I am able to adapt and make my own, which is exactly where I want to be. I am an extremely hard worker, which is really beneficial in the role and means we’re always trying something new!

I think I’ve been in some really challenging roles, sometimes before I was ready for them but I wouldn’t be where I am without that. Now, I’m really happy to be part of a company which takes company ethics seriously. The business model really is about giving back to the staff, providing excellent, accredited training and making sure that the team feel valued – what’s more important than that?”



Likes – Gin

Dislikes – Having photo taken

Favourite Drink – More Gin (we’re seeing a theme here)

Greatest Achievement – my degree!

Least Favourite part of your job – None but it’s early days 😉

Favourite part of your job – Having the opportunity to make the role my own and run with it

Lessons Learnt – Not to worry so much! Everything happens for a reason and solutions are easily found when you’re calm.

Hobbies – Can I say Gin again or is it starting to look like I have a problem?